The impact of Covid 19 on the live entertainment industry!

The entertainment industry is endangered thanks to the pandemic as both the assembly and also the consumption of its output require numerous people together within the same place. The assembly was stalled to a serious extent because of lockdown. The consumption also was stopped because of the closing of cinemas by various governments. the first factors for the expansion of the industry before the COVID-19 pandemic include the increased adoption of online video streaming especially Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney-Hotstar, etc. The increase within the multiplex chain and its augmentation in semi-urban areas was also the growth-enhancing factor of the show biz before the pandemic.


The outbreak of COVID-19 had a dual impact on the upcoming events that are canceled or delayed, because of which most of the businesses experienced relapses. While the web video streaming segment is witnessing a notable hike. Video streaming companies are turning out with innovations when people are residing more at their homes. As an example, Netflix launched a Two-day free stream event which allows the users to access the videos within the app freed from cost.


Due to the outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus, these production companies are largely affected. The prominent players operating within the global industry were hurt because of the lockdown. Several Hollywood productions are affected because of the outbreak, and productions shooting in any of the outbreak zones especially China, the US, Italy, and South Korea are restricted to change schedules, shift places, or be sealed down entirely.


In India, the local industries of entertainment located in various Indian states were also affected badly. But, after the guidelines of HMO, the entertainment has started the method of unlocking. Many shoots are happening in INDIA now by following the protocols prescribed by the govt. This has put the lives of individuals associated with this industry back heading in the right direction.


Let us hope that this tough time gets over and this major industry booms again.

Ukraine- The country that has my heart!

Ukraine, a country in eastern Europe, is the second-largest country on the continent after Russia. The capital is Kyiv (Kiev), located on the Dnieper River in north-central Ukraine. Ukraine is a region between central and eastern Europe. Ukraine is famous for its mountains – The Carpathian Mountains suitable for skiing, hiking, fishing, and hunting. The Black Sea Coast is a popular summer destination for tourists. Ukraine has vineyards where it produces indigenous wines, ruins of ancient fortresses, historic parks, Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant churches as well as a few churches and synagogues.
Kyiv, the capital of the country, has many unique buildings such as Saint Sophia Cathedral and extensive boulevards. I got to attend a Ukrainian wedding, it was great to see their culture and get the essence of their traditions.
There are other well-known tourist cities, such as the port city of Odesa and the old city of Lviv in the west. Most of Ukraine in Western Ukraine, which was once within the borders of the Republic of Poland before World War II, is a popular Polish region. Crimea, a small “continent”, has been a popular tourist destination for swimming or sunbathing in the Black Sea with its warm climate, rugged mountains, plains, and ancient ruins, although tourist trade has been heavily affected by Russia’s occupation and 2014 settlement.
Cities there included Sevastopol and Yalta – the site of a peace conference at the end of World War II. Visitors can also take a boat trip on the Dnieper River from Kyiv to the shores of the Black Sea. Ukrainian cuisine has a long history and offers a wide variety of authentic dishes. So, I entreat my readers to plan their next vacation in the beautiful country of Ukraine.


Editor: Ayush Razdan

Beyond Limits

Dreams give you a feeling of purpose, and if you do not have a purpose in life, you will likely get depressed and sit around scowling. Just like you need to stay hydrated to do physical activities, you need to stay motivated. Dreaming big keeps you active and moving ahead in life. But, Is just dreaming enough to be successful in life. The answer to this question is a big “No”!!

For achieving your dreams, you need to push your limits. Because being trapped in a bubble will never help you to achieve success in your pursuance. My blog is about some hurdles that I had to push to be where I am now. These limits included my age, gender bias, my place of origin, education, and societal pressure.


AGE: I achieved the feat of hosting 800 events national and international at 25. Still, many times I had to hear the excuse of me being young when I tried to handle great things. I had to push this forced limit on me by my self-belief.


GENDER- BIAS: Being a female, the one issue that you may face in life is gender-bias. I also had to face that. It’s essential to keep focused on your goal to overcome this limit. The only way to overcome gender-bias is by proving your ability.


PLACE-OF-ORIGIN: Being a north Indian, initially, it was difficult for me to set up a career in the city of Banglore in the south of India. The language was the barrier. I learned to speak Kannada. Today being, mistaken as a Kannadiga girl feels like an achievement to me.


EDUCATION: I aspired to take arts as my subject in higher education. But, I wasn’t allowed to do the same. I had to pursue an engineering degree. But, I continued learning things related to my passion. Strived to be better at my work and achieved my dream.


SOCIETAL-PRESSURE: A limit that is unique to our Indian society is societal pressure. I also encountered this pressure many times in my life. I with my family had to listen to the issues of the society’s self-appointed spokesperson, with my freedom of choice. The only way of overcoming this limit is by not giving importance to these spokespersons.


Everyone deserves to achieve his dreams. Nobody is born extra-ordinary one needs to work hard to achieve his goals. It is possible when one pushes his limits and achieves beyond his or her limits.


Editor: Ayush Razdan

The Era of Equality!

So, what comes to your mind when you hear the word equality. I am sure this word soothes your ears. But, is this word reality in today’s time. Me being a girl, my entrepreneurial journey is no different. Yes, I had a supportive family with my side as my strength. The family that allowed me to make and develop my opinions and act accordingly. But, what about this common antagonist in almost every “success” story called the society. The question I asked myself before starting the journey is, ” WHY SHOULD I WORRY ABOUT WHAT SOCIETY SAYS?”


Have you ever thought about why this society treats two humans differently?

“Moreover treating one gender as inferior to the other”!!

Women entrepreneurs not just have to face the problems of entrepreneurship but also of being a women entrepreneur. Society expects women to spend more time with their family members. They do not encourage women to travel extensively to get business opportunities. The salary of women is often less than men for the same job. Politics is also male-dominated like any other powerful field. We often hear the term ‘FEMINISM’ does it mean women’s priority over others or something different. Now, to tell my readers about this term, I will say that feminism means that female sex is considered equal to the male in every aspect of life. Feminism is the belief in full social, economic, and political equality for women. The time has arrived for everyone to be a feminist.

The traditionally conservative society wants to deter women of equal status in the garb of traditions, customs, ethics, etc. It’s time for the new generation to give logic priority. The time has come when people get treated the same. The focus of the society must be on the upbringing of a child, how he/she mustn’t differentiate based on sex. I believe that equality will bring peace and prosperity to the world. The ‘ERA OF EQUALITY’ must arrive in its real sense.


Editor: Ayush Razdan