The impact of Covid 19 on the live entertainment industry!

The entertainment industry is endangered thanks to the pandemic as both the assembly and also the consumption of its output require numerous people together within the same place. The assembly was stalled to a serious extent because of lockdown. The consumption also was stopped because of the closing of cinemas by various governments. the first factors for the expansion of the industry before the COVID-19 pandemic include the increased adoption of online video streaming especially Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney-Hotstar, etc. The increase within the multiplex chain and its augmentation in semi-urban areas was also the growth-enhancing factor of the show biz before the pandemic.


The outbreak of COVID-19 had a dual impact on the upcoming events that are canceled or delayed, because of which most of the businesses experienced relapses. While the web video streaming segment is witnessing a notable hike. Video streaming companies are turning out with innovations when people are residing more at their homes. As an example, Netflix launched a Two-day free stream event which allows the users to access the videos within the app freed from cost.


Due to the outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus, these production companies are largely affected. The prominent players operating within the global industry were hurt because of the lockdown. Several Hollywood productions are affected because of the outbreak, and productions shooting in any of the outbreak zones especially China, the US, Italy, and South Korea are restricted to change schedules, shift places, or be sealed down entirely.


In India, the local industries of entertainment located in various Indian states were also affected badly. But, after the guidelines of HMO, the entertainment has started the method of unlocking. Many shoots are happening in INDIA now by following the protocols prescribed by the govt. This has put the lives of individuals associated with this industry back heading in the right direction.


Let us hope that this tough time gets over and this major industry booms again.