Beyond Limits

Dreams give you a feeling of purpose, and if you do not have a purpose in life, you will likely get depressed and sit around scowling. Just like you need to stay hydrated to do physical activities, you need to stay motivated. Dreaming big keeps you active and moving ahead in life. But, Is just dreaming enough to be successful in life. The answer to this question is a big “No”!!

For achieving your dreams, you need to push your limits. Because being trapped in a bubble will never help you to achieve success in your pursuance. My blog is about some hurdles that I had to push to be where I am now. These limits included my age, gender bias, my place of origin, education, and societal pressure.


AGE: I achieved the feat of hosting 800 events national and international at 25. Still, many times I had to hear the excuse of me being young when I tried to handle great things. I had to push this forced limit on me by my self-belief.


GENDER- BIAS: Being a female, the one issue that you may face in life is gender-bias. I also had to face that. It’s essential to keep focused on your goal to overcome this limit. The only way to overcome gender-bias is by proving your ability.


PLACE-OF-ORIGIN: Being a north Indian, initially, it was difficult for me to set up a career in the city of Banglore in the south of India. The language was the barrier. I learned to speak Kannada. Today being, mistaken as a Kannadiga girl feels like an achievement to me.


EDUCATION: I aspired to take arts as my subject in higher education. But, I wasn’t allowed to do the same. I had to pursue an engineering degree. But, I continued learning things related to my passion. Strived to be better at my work and achieved my dream.


SOCIETAL-PRESSURE: A limit that is unique to our Indian society is societal pressure. I also encountered this pressure many times in my life. I with my family had to listen to the issues of the society’s self-appointed spokesperson, with my freedom of choice. The only way of overcoming this limit is by not giving importance to these spokespersons.


Everyone deserves to achieve his dreams. Nobody is born extra-ordinary one needs to work hard to achieve his goals. It is possible when one pushes his limits and achieves beyond his or her limits.


Editor: Ayush Razdan