Ukraine- The country that has my heart!

Ukraine, a country in eastern Europe, is the second-largest country on the continent after Russia. The capital is Kyiv (Kiev), located on the Dnieper River in north-central Ukraine. Ukraine is a region between central and eastern Europe. Ukraine is famous for its mountains – The Carpathian Mountains suitable for skiing, hiking, fishing, and hunting. The Black Sea Coast is a popular summer destination for tourists. Ukraine has vineyards where it produces indigenous wines, ruins of ancient fortresses, historic parks, Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant churches as well as a few churches and synagogues.
Kyiv, the capital of the country, has many unique buildings such as Saint Sophia Cathedral and extensive boulevards. I got to attend a Ukrainian wedding, it was great to see their culture and get the essence of their traditions.
There are other well-known tourist cities, such as the port city of Odesa and the old city of Lviv in the west. Most of Ukraine in Western Ukraine, which was once within the borders of the Republic of Poland before World War II, is a popular Polish region. Crimea, a small “continent”, has been a popular tourist destination for swimming or sunbathing in the Black Sea with its warm climate, rugged mountains, plains, and ancient ruins, although tourist trade has been heavily affected by Russia’s occupation and 2014 settlement.
Cities there included Sevastopol and Yalta – the site of a peace conference at the end of World War II. Visitors can also take a boat trip on the Dnieper River from Kyiv to the shores of the Black Sea. Ukrainian cuisine has a long history and offers a wide variety of authentic dishes. So, I entreat my readers to plan their next vacation in the beautiful country of Ukraine.


Editor: Ayush Razdan