What it takes to be an Emcee in India-My Experiences.

  • An emcee (master of ceremonies) is one who hosts events, ceremonies, and sports events, political rallies etc. My love, for the microphone, isn’t new, as far as I remember I loved being on stage as a child, used to take part in debates, and hosted many college events. I developed it as my hobby or say passion. The first time I got to know about the monetary side of my passion was when in college I got a five-digit cheque for hosting an event of a company. This started my wonderful journey in this field. A mcee can hold three types of events:

Below the line: These are events include roadshow events, mall events, or in-store events, I am glad that I started my career doing these events when you are hosting say a mall activation you are dealing with an audience who are there for their job and when you can interact with them you are prepared to face any audience in future. Above the line: this includes events related to award ceremonies, corporate events, here you don’t need to face the customer directly. These events provide you the opportunity to travel the world as many companies hold their events abroad. Social events: these events include family functions, marriage functions. I am very careful about the social events that I do.

my advice to you will be that you prepare a good profile, write about your accomplishments in it, maintain a good social media profile. Then email it to various event managers, but remember never bombard an event manager’s mail with the same content.

Now, let us talk about the important things to do when you land in an event. You should always rehearse your script, always make yourself comfortable with the script in case it is given to you by the company.

in case of social events learn about the customs and traditions of the concerned family and make yourself comfortable with it.

  • There is no academic course to become an emcee, you learn and excel in this field by continuing your work with honesty and integrity. I hope this blog of mine will help aspiring mcee’s and I wish them all the good luck for a great career.

Editor: Ayush Razdan