The man made holiday destination-UAE.

A federation of seven emirates, United Arab Emirates is a charismatic country on the Eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula. A place with cheerful urban life, UAE is full of shopping, culture, and iconic architectural marvels. It consists of seven emirates, its capital being ABU DHABI.

All over the world, UAE is known for having the tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa. It has marvelous skylines all over its cities. UAE also offers some of the most vibrant and exotic water sports for tourists. From the thrilling rides of the Ferrari World, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the one-of-its-kind Palm Jumeriah islands, the winding roads of Jabel Hafeet with views of the desert.

Blessed with the unique landscape, rolling sand dunes, and sunny coastlines, UAE is a must-visit place. My experience in the UAE was more than exciting. I got to see this beautiful “DESERT-HEAVEN” and cherish its beauty. My joy in seeing the world from the 122nd floor of the Burj-khalifa is worth mentioning. I also enjoyed shopping in magnificent Dubai malls. I did the Desert-Safari. I cherished the electrifying helicopter ride over the desert-city and got to see the beauty of Dubai.
So, I advise my readers to take a rest from their routine and consider UAE as their next holiday destination.

Things one MUST do when in UAE:

1) Shopping. The options are endless. It’s called “Do-Buy” for a reason ?

2)Cafe Hopping by the creek.

3)Walk by the Jumeirah beach in the evening.

4) Skydiving.

5)Scooba Diving.


Editor: Ayush Razdan


Poison in the Air

India’s capital and it’s adjoining regions see almost every year a situation where AQI breaks many dangerous barriers. Since October 2020, the air quality of Delhi has been deteriorating, on October 13 the AIR Quality Index (AQI) was marked at 332 in the ‘very poor’ category. After Diwali 2020, the air quality of Delhi and the NCR region dropped to a Hazardous level in several localities. So, the question here is why it happens every year. The main reason for this situation particularly in this is stubble burning. The contribution of stubble burning in Delhi’s air pollution levels reached 40% on Sunday, the highest so far in this season, reported PTI, citing the Centre’s monitoring agency. SAFAR, the Ministry of Earth Sciences’ air quality monitor, said that 3,261 farm fires were seen over Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Uttarakhand. To talk about the solution to this problem, firstly co-operation between states and center must be established. Farmers must be given better options to get rid of the stubble. Only then we will be able to save the population of our capital from living in a gas chamber.


Editor: Ayush Razdan

What it takes to be an Emcee in India-My Experiences.

  • An emcee (master of ceremonies) is one who hosts events, ceremonies, and sports events, political rallies etc. My love, for the microphone, isn’t new, as far as I remember I loved being on stage as a child, used to take part in debates, and hosted many college events. I developed it as my hobby or say passion. The first time I got to know about the monetary side of my passion was when in college I got a five-digit cheque for hosting an event of a company. This started my wonderful journey in this field. A mcee can hold three types of events:

Below the line: These are events include roadshow events, mall events, or in-store events, I am glad that I started my career doing these events when you are hosting say a mall activation you are dealing with an audience who are there for their job and when you can interact with them you are prepared to face any audience in future. Above the line: this includes events related to award ceremonies, corporate events, here you don’t need to face the customer directly. These events provide you the opportunity to travel the world as many companies hold their events abroad. Social events: these events include family functions, marriage functions. I am very careful about the social events that I do.

my advice to you will be that you prepare a good profile, write about your accomplishments in it, maintain a good social media profile. Then email it to various event managers, but remember never bombard an event manager’s mail with the same content.

Now, let us talk about the important things to do when you land in an event. You should always rehearse your script, always make yourself comfortable with the script in case it is given to you by the company.

in case of social events learn about the customs and traditions of the concerned family and make yourself comfortable with it.

  • There is no academic course to become an emcee, you learn and excel in this field by continuing your work with honesty and integrity. I hope this blog of mine will help aspiring mcee’s and I wish them all the good luck for a great career.

Editor: Ayush Razdan